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All children, except one, grow up

You recognise the quote, right? It’s the first line of Peter Pan by J. M. Barrie. It’s a dashing good yarn about Peter Pan (who never grows up) and the adventures he has, both in our world and in Neverland. There are mermaids! And pirates! And he can fly! I loved the story as aContinue reading “All children, except one, grow up”

Misused Words

I’m just going to talk about the English language in this post but I’m sure other languages have plenty of similar examples where a word is commonly mixed up with other words, for example, in English people often mix up their/there/they’re, are/our, affect/effect. There are also times when you hear/read a word that is absolutelyContinue reading “Misused Words”

A Weasel in the Clouds

Hamlet is probably one of Shakespeare’s best known plays and also his longest. It is fairly typical of his tragedies, in that the plot sounds ridiculous if you say it out loud (Hamlet see’s the ghost of his dead dad, pretends to go crazy while he procrastinates about getting revenge, then kills a bunch ofContinue reading “A Weasel in the Clouds”

The Size Of It

I thought we’d talk about a non-fiction book this week for a change, although bear with me as I inevitably get a side-tracked. I’m currently reading Crow Country by Mark Cocker and it’s lovely. He’s a British author and naturalist, and loves crows. Passionate and slightly obsessed, he writes about his thoughts and experiences inContinue reading “The Size Of It”

Vampires with a difference

It’s October! It’s spooky month! Let’s talk about vampires. You’ve heard of Dracula by Bram Stoker, right? It wasn’t the first piece of literature about vampires and certainly isn’t the best, but it’s probably the best known and the most influential. It’s not even a novel as we usually think of them, the story beingContinue reading “Vampires with a difference”

Finding Pokémon in Sumerian Mythology

I like reading myths from around the world and from different historical periods, but it’s taken me a while to get into the Sumerian stuff. It might be because they seem so removed from me – they were one of the earliest civilisations that we know much about, living in the late Neolithic/early Bronze ageContinue reading “Finding Pokémon in Sumerian Mythology”

The Curses of an Angry Aunt

I like the novels of P.G. Woodhouse, especially the ones about Jeeves and Wooster. They are light, slightly ridiculous, and genuinely funny stories, poking gentle fun at the rather stupid ‘idle rich’ variety of English gentlefolk. They were written in the early twentieth century but you could be forgiven for thinking they might be setContinue reading “The Curses of an Angry Aunt”

The Sharks Are All Sharks

A little over a year ago I wrote about Ernest Hemingway’s The Old Man and the Sea (here’s a link if you want a reminder) and it’s a great story. It’s a novella about an old man who is out fishing, which is slow and thoughtful until quite near the end when a bunch ofContinue reading “The Sharks Are All Sharks”