Ovid and Medusa’s Backstory

Ovid was a Greek poet writing in around 4AD and the fact that he’s still being read suggests he was quite good. I don’t think he took it terribly seriously until he got exiled (for a poem and a mistake, he claimed), coming out with work like Medicamina Faciei Femineae (which translates to something likeContinue reading “Ovid and Medusa’s Backstory”

Horrible Insects and Lie-Ins

Kafka wrote some weird stuff – excellent, compelling, influential but… weird. His stories generally involve characters in surreal predicaments and the ways they deal with these situations, which are almost always as mundane as possible. The Metamorphosis is probably his most famous work so let’s use that as an example. The first line sums upContinue reading “Horrible Insects and Lie-Ins”

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