Odd Bits About Books

Do you like reading? Good, then we can be friends. Let me tell you about some of the things that I’ve found…

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Pratchett Soup

Do you ever hear a story about a book or an author you love and just do a mental double take? What? Really? Did I just dream that? I have no doubt that you’ve heard of Terry Pratchett but have you heard about the weird things his German publishers did in the 1990s? He hadContinue reading “Pratchett Soup”

The Curses of an Angry Aunt

I like the novels of P.G. Woodhouse, especially the ones about Jeeves and Wooster. They are light, slightly ridiculous, and genuinely funny stories, poking gentle fun at the rather stupid ‘idle rich’ variety of English gentlefolk. They were written in the early twentieth century but you could be forgiven for thinking they might be setContinue reading “The Curses of an Angry Aunt”


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