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Do you like reading? Good, then we can be friends. Let me tell you about some of the things that I’ve found…

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Use Your Intelligence

Waiting for Godot was originally written in French by Samuel Beckett as En Attendent Godot, then he translated it himself into English in the early 1950s. I’m given to understand it doesn’t make much more sense in French though, but then that’s really the point. The plot is simply that two men wait for aContinue reading “Use Your Intelligence”

Ancient Greek Soup

The Frogs is a comic play by Aristophanes from around 405 BC. Yes, that’s a really long time ago and it’s based on a civilisation that is long dead. No, I don’t speak ancient Greek so I had to really on a translation. Yes, some of the jokes are about things lost in the mistsContinue reading “Ancient Greek Soup”

Horrible Insects and Lie-Ins

Kafka wrote some weird stuff – excellent, compelling, influential but… weird. His stories generally involve characters in surreal predicaments and the ways they deal with these situations, which are almost always as mundane as possible. The Metamorphosis (first published in 1915) is probably his most famous work so let’s use that as an example. TheContinue reading “Horrible Insects and Lie-Ins”


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